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I'm a professor at a conservative Christian college trying not to get fired.




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If Men Were Women

If Men Were Women

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My life represented in art

“Chloe was born with her eyes open
which means she can see through your bullshit.
Chloe, you don’t have to hunch your shoulders
in like that. She leaves her mouth all over town
and always tips too much. Fishing pennies
out of her sheer stockings, getting high
off the fumes from the city bus. Chloe,
don’t think that you’re doing anyone any favors.
This will end in tragedy but your boyfriend
will still drive you home and kiss your forehead
while all of those numbers from strangers
weigh heavy where you stuffed them into
your push-up bra. Chloe, you scare me when
you say you are nothing except your body.
Sometimes she just wants to throw herself down
the stairs or brew all the coffee in her cabinets.
Chloe wakes up feeling like she’s been kissed
by the bartender and as proof, she picks
a cherry stem from her back molars. Rinses
her mouth with grenadine.”

—   Kristina Haynes, “Chloe Was Born” (via fleurishes)

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Granny takes a dip


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Episode 10: Back to Work

I had a lot of fun this afternoon on Doing It By The Book’s podcast. If you wanna hear me pick apart and over rationalize the content and character development of Fifty Shades of Grey give it a listen. 

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